In the state legislature we are currently fighting for our health freedom and trying to stop the SF 54 Meningococcal Vaccination mandate for college students.  This Bill is sponsored by Senator Bill Landen (307) 237-4067.   Last year they tried to pass a similar bill, it mandated vaccine injection of seventh graders as well as college students.  That bill was easily defeated but SF 54 with the new language has been drafted and is currently on the dockets of our legislature to be read and voted on.  

Here is a list of current meningococcal vaccines and their ingredients.

1.  MENVEO by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
  • N. meningitidis serogroup A, C, Y and W-135
  • Corynebacterium diphtheriae CRM protein
  • Franz Complete medium
  • Formaldehyde

2.  MENOMUNE by Sanofi Pasteur
  • 50 mcg N. meningitidis group A, C, Y and W-135
  • 25 mcgs thimerosal per dose/in multi-dose vials (neurotoxin)
  • Mueller Hinton Agar Media
  • Watson Scherp Media
  • detergent precipitation
  • alcohol precipitation
  • solvent or organic extraction and diafiltration
  • 2.5 mg to 5 mg of Lactose

3.  MENACTRA by Sanofi Pasteur
  • N. meningitidis serogroup A, C, Y and W-135
  • diphtheria toxoid protein
  • Mueller Hinton agar media
  • Watson Scherp media
  • detergent precipitation
  • alcohol precipitation
  • Miller medium
  • formaldehyde
  • ammonium sulfate

This is my open letter to my state legislatures.

Dear Senator,

I urge you to oppose SF 54 which mandates the meningococcal meningitis (Neisseria Meningitidis) vaccine for college students born after 1994 who enroll after the effective date of the law.  The meningitis vaccine mandate is not necessary, the current vaccines have questionable effectiveness and there are outstanding safety questions surrounding the use of this vaccine.

The Vaccine Is Expensive And Could Decrease Student Enrollment.

The SF 54 fiscal note states that the University of Wyoming Student Health Service fee of $125.00 for each vaccine could result in decreased student enrollment.

Some students would be eligible for state and federally funded vaccines.

The Meningitis Vaccine Mandate Is Unnecessary

Information about the disease and vaccine can be made available to every college student.  The University of Wyoming and at least some Wyoming community colleges already provide such information.  The UW Student Health Service and local public health offices offer the vaccines.  Official recommendations are that colleges educate students about it and let interested students know where to obtain it.  

Invasive Meningococcal Disease In College Students Is Extraordinarily Rare, Deaths Exceedingly Rare.

There are not enough cases of meningitis to make the vaccine cost-effective.

Speaking of all USA college students, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) says:  "...Vaccination of all freshmen would result in the administration of 1.4 - 2.3 million doses of vaccine each year preventing 37-69 cases of disease and 2-4 death each year.  The cost per case prevented would be $1.4 - 2.9 million, at a cost per death prevented of $22 million to $48 million...."

Paul G. King PhD., Analytical Chemist commented regarding this policy and substantiates that the meningococcal vaccine program is not cost-effective and disease is extremely rare.  

According to the Wyoming Department Health, the number of confirmed cases of invasive Neisseria Meningitidis in Wyoming was 26 cases from 2001 through 2011 (11 years).  In the 11 years, there were four deaths.

Most College Age Students Are Already Naturally Protected Without Vaccination.

In this study:  Gardner, "Prevention of Meningococcal Disease," The New England Journal of Medicine, 355;14, October 5, 2006.  Dr. Gardner states "Colonization induces an immunologic response to N. Meningitides (as do certain organism in the enteric flora that have cross-reacting antigens), so that by young adulthood, the majority of people in the United States have measurable antibody to the pathogenic serogroups of N. Meningitides (A, B, C, Y, and W-135)."

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) warns, "...we will be trading the natural herd immunity our population has achieved for inferior vaccine acquired immunity that does not last..."

The Meningococcal Vaccination Program Could Make Some Bacterial Strains More Deadly.

The NVIC warns, "...Like with excessive antibiotic use, we just might be creating a nightmare scenario for meningococcal organisms to mutate into more lethal vaccine resistant bugs that will have all of us highly susceptible to invasive meningococcal infection and wishing we had taken the precautionary principle much more seriously.  meningococcal vaccine is available and can be used by anyone who wants to use it, but there is no reason for government to recommend and schools to mandate the shots for everyone."

Meningitis Is Not Casually Contagious

According to the CDC:  "Fortunately, none of the bacteria that cause meningitis are as contagious as things like the common cold or the flu.  Also, the bacteria are not spread by casual contact or by simply breathing the air where a person with meningitis has been."

Current Meningitis Vaccines Are Not Proven Effective

According to this study:  Gardner, "Prevention of Meningococcal Disease," The New England Journal of Medicine, 355;14, October 5, 2006.  "A major limitation of these vaccines is that neither provides immunity against serogroup B, which is responsible for approximately one third of cases of meningococcal disease."

That was written before the third vaccine Menveo was created.  Menveo does not prevent serogroup B infections, either.  Please refer to the manufactures product insert: "...MENVEO does not prevent N. Meningitidis serogroup B infections..."

Vaccine efficacy is not tested for prevalent Y or W-135 serogroups.

According to the Menomune vaccine package insert:  "No studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of meningococcal polysaccharide vaccines against disease due to serogroups Y and W-135."

Questionable Duration Of Protection

According to the Menveo vaccine package insert:  "The duration of protection following immunization is not known."

The Vaccine Manufactures Advise Pregnant Women Caution and Discouragement When Considering Injection Of Their Products.

So prior to administration of the Meningitis Vaccine all childbearing females should be required to undergo a lab confirmed pregnancy test - increasing costs.

Safety Questions Raised By Current Meningitis Vaccines

Acknowledged Serious Side Effects.  All Three current meningitis vaccines carry warnings of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a serious and devastating neurological disease.

According to the passive reporting system our governments Vaccine Adverse-Event Reporting System (VAERS) there have been in a five year period;

20 Deaths
49 Permanent Disability
98 Life Threatening Injuries
4,190 Not Serious Injuries
307 Hospitalizations
19 Extended Hospitalizations
2,412 Emergency Room Visits

These vaccine adverse events only cover one of the three Meningococcal vaccines - MENACTRA.  

Balance that with the disease in all USA college students;

37-69 cases of disease
2-4 deaths each year

You can see the complete table on Dr. Kings website page 10.

It is also important to note that the FDA admits that less then 10% of all vaccine injuries are picked up by VAERS.  
"Although the FDA receives many adverse event reports, these probably represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events encountered by providers.  A recent review article found that between 3% and 11% of hospital admissions could be attributed to adverse drug reactions.  Only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA, according to one study."

David A. Kessler MD, former head of the FDA

Kessler, et al. "Introducing MEDWatch:  "A New Approach to Reporting Medication and Device Adverse Effects and Product Problems." JAMA. 1993;269(21):2765-2768.

Incomplete Safety Testing

All three current meningitis vaccines have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential.  Two (Menactra and Menomune) of the three have not been evaluated for impairment of fertility.

The third current meningitis vaccine, Menveo has a chance to impair male fertility.

Menveo:  "MENVEO has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of male fertility."

No Liability Or Accountability For Vaccine Manufacturers

February 2011, The Supreme Court took away the people's right to sue the pharmaceutical industry or medical professionals for vaccine injury.  Justice Sotomayor filed a dissenting opinion in which Ginsburg, J., joined.  Justice Kagan took no part in the consideration or decision of the case.  

The CDC has not suggested the vaccine be mandated for college students.  The most prudent plan is to educate the students and let them make their own decisions.  I believe strongly that SF 54 should be defeated.

Heather White
(phone number)

Competing Interest:  Mother of a vaccine injured son - 2005

Special thanks to Susan Pearce co-founder of the Wyoming Vaccine Information Network for putting together much of this research.



02/23/2012 11:06am

Open Letter to SF 54 Sponsor...

Dear Senator Bill Landen,

I cannot express my disappointment regarding your recent sponsorship of SF 54. I have been calling and writing my representatives and urging them to defeat this bill.

Your proposed mandatory vaccination represents a limitation on human rights. Any limitation of fundamental rights, such as the right to liberty and security of person, is serious, regardless of the supposed public good involved. There are several Codes that protect our human rights and the right to consent or refuse any medical procedure.

Please review them.

1. The formost principle in the Nuremberg Code is that, "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."


2. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), "No one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation."


3. Europe adopted the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (the Oviedo convention), "requires consent for any medical intervention, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and research.


4. The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and human Rights in the UNESCO Declaration. International bioethics norms are moving away from distinctions between research and treatment and now require free and informed consent to all medical interventions.


5. The U.S. Bill of Rights. We have Natural Rights, "everyone is born with an equality of certain rights, regardless of their nationality. Since they come from or are from God, natural rights cannot be justly taken away without consent."


You are jeopardizing our inalienable rights! As a resident of Wyoming I am asking you to cease and desist these inappropriate actions that are infringing on the freedom of health.


Heather White

02/23/2012 11:44am

This is great. Thanks so much.

I'm just afraid they would not see that even with their "exemptions" that they are providing in the bill, they are STILL not informing those who are getting the vaccine. And it isn't fair that those who are exempted will be barred from attending school if there's an outbreak, and those who decide whether or not they have an outbreak can decide exactly how many people constitute an outbreak. According to http://infectiousdiseases.about.com/od/basics/a/outbreaks.htm an outbreak is when there are more cases than they expect, and since meningococcal disease is so rare in Wyoming, then I think one case would be unexpected.

So, the student would be barred from school and lose a whole lot of money he had spent for the semester and lose a lot of time because he couldn't attend classes or labs and might lose the semester because of this.

The two recommended amendments, which they came up with in their committee meeting on Monday, don't improve the bill even though some people would say they do. The second amendment they recommended would make it so it pertained to the students who live in dorms, but still, the vaccine shouldn't be mandated at all.

They should just educate the students about the disease, the ways to stay healthy without vaccines, and tell them everything about the vaccines, and I mean everything, and let them make their own decisions.

If a student isn't vaccinated, he isn't a threat to the vaccinated student, since the vaccinated are "supposed" to be protected by the vaccine. This makes me so angry, I could spit. Thanks again for taking the time to write the letter to legislators and to put this up on your site and on the new NVIC Wyo Facebook group page.

02/23/2012 11:50am

Thank you Susan!

You are so right about the amendments. They do not address the root problems with this policy. Let's pray this bill dies!

Warm Regards,


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