Heather White




The blog entry is a rebuttal to comments like “correlation does not equal causation”, or “Just because you saw a regression into autism at the time of the vaccines does not mean vaccines caused autism”.

This blog entry is a rebuttal to comments similar to, "Of course, if you read the inserts, you really need to know how to understand them, and one of the first things you need to understand is the difference between adverse events and adverse reactions".

A new study based out of Australia supervised by epidemiologist Guy Eslick, and primarily conduced by two researchers Taylor, and Swerdfeger (excluded credentials) is now circulating the Internet.  Let us review the details...

This blog entry will chronicle all the new works and/or information pertaining to the topic.  Part of my work in AutismRawData is to keep up with and maintain the "Validation" blog entries such as this.  The latest data will be posted at the top.